Convention Schedule

Ottawa Mini ComicconApril 1-2Ottawa, Canada
Sakura-ConApril 7-9Seattle, USA
Doujin MarketMay 6-7Singapore
AnirevoAug 18-20Vancouver, Canada
Fanexpo CanadaAug 24-27Toronto, Canada
Ottawa ComicconSept 8-10Ottawa, Canada

Terms of Service

  • Payment will be VIA Paypal invoice in USD or through Ko-fi. CAD is also accepted and will be converted from the USD price at the most recent conversion rate.

  • With the exception of emote commissions, all commissions are for personal use only unless the commercial fee is paid.

  • The commercial fee is an additional 150% of the price of the commission on top of the cost of the commission. (e.g. $50 + 150% = $125 total)

  • I have the right to decline a commission for whatever reason. (e.g. uncomfortable with character, theme, client, etc.)

  • Use of my art in anything relating to AI learning and NFTs is strictly forbidden, even with commercial use granted.

  • The commissioner may request up to 3 edits during WIP/finished product phases, major edits may require additional payment.

  • Edits to fix missed details do not count towards the limit, and I will do these with no additional charge.

  • Reposting the finished artwork is permitted, credit is optional but preferred.

  • The final product may be posted on my social media or drawn on stream unless asked otherwise. I will not charge extra to have the commission kept private.

  • The commissioner may request a full refund if the finished piece has not been delivered after 3 months and there is no explanation of delay. Refunds requests before this time limit will be partial depending on the progress made on the piece.

Can Do:

  • OCs

  • Fanart

  • Real people

Cannot Do:

  • NSFW (nudity OK)

  • Anthro / furry

  • Offensive themes

Commission Info

Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning. All commissions will be completed under the assumption that you have read and agreed to my T.O.S.

Commission Status: CLOSED

Types :

How to Order

When slots are open, send me a DM via Twitter or email me at [email protected] with your request and references, and I will provide you with a price quotation!


Static and animated emotes for Twitch/Discord/etc. Commercial use is granted with emotes by default. All emotes are 300x300 pixels large.

TypePrice per emote
Meme Redraw$20
Chibi Style$20
Regular Style$25
ExtrasAdditional Cost
Extra Expression (same head base)+$5-$10
Gif Animation+$5-$20
Cut PSD File (for animating)+$10
Bulk DiscountBuy 5 emotes and get $10 off!

Flat Art

Lined and flat coloured artwork with minimal shading.

Price Per Character (Max 3/piece)
ExtrasAdditional Cost
Detailed design or items+$5-$15
Simple background (solid colour/pattern)Free (included)
Detailed background (scene)+$15-$55


Chibi drawn in either a crayon style or a clean style. Details may be simplified in order to fit on the chibi.Please note that for orders with multiple chibis, certain interactions will not be possible due to the size of the chibi heads. (e.g. hugging, holding hands, carrying)Crayon chibis do not come with WIP shots for approval due to the simplicity.

Price Per Character (Max 3/piece)
Crayon$20 $15 (First Opening Discount)
ExtrasAdditional Cost
Detailed design or items+$5-$10
Simple background (solid colour/pattern)Free (included)
Detailed background (scene)+$10-$40